What can I say- the original wine for me. If you recall, it was the first GOOD wine I ever tasted. Having bought three cases of the 2000 vintage, I have watched it mature and take on those secondary flavors you only hope a wine can achieve.

The tannins have stood the test of time and are still holding this beauty together. The fruit is at 50% of it’s youth having given some in exchange for the tertiary flavors. Many people complain of Mintyness in Chilean Cab. I for one like it, but there is no sign of it here. Having had this wine for 9 years, I would guess it can last another 4-5 years. My points. – 5 stars and 94 American style points.

Ps. We drank this and a Burgess Cab ’00 with a co-worker who happened to be visiting from Canada.