BAG, otherwise known as a “big-ass glass” is the only way to appreciate natures nectar. Having the correctly shaped BAG is also important. If you’ve never heard of Reidel stemware, you need to Google it. They discovered that different wine varieties taste better in different shapes. I won’t bore you with the details- but well worth a read.

I proved the point at a friend’s wine party where we all brought 2 bottles that were brown-bagged and numbered. A blind tasting ensued where we could rate the bottles and even guess the details. The hostess called me a snob when I told her I would bring my own BAG in lieu of her dainty, but useless Swarovski crystal ‘goblets’. Later that night I tricked her into trying the same wine out of her goblet versus the BAG. She asked which wine was in the BAG as she really enjoyed it! Case proven. If you don’t have one- get one.


My Bordeaux/Cab and my Burgundy/Pinot BAG’s.