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An interesting blend of white wines from California, from the same clan that make Caymus and Belle Glos.  Obviously a thoroughbred wine, this bottle is delicious.  The label does not name varietals, but I am guessing a healthy dose of Viognier, a good proportion of Sauvignon Blanc, some Chardonnay and what else?

The Viognier is forefront, giving it that rose and floral scent that I love.  Some apricots are also indicative of the semillon, let’s add that to the fray.  I sense some cat pee and grass, telltale signs of Sauvignon Blanc and the balancer is the chardonnay.  Acidity is decent, albeit not as sharp as I like in a white.  Elegant and smooth on the palate, it has a long finish.

This wine is intriguing.  It offers pre-dinner pleasure and paired well for my midweek fish and chips with the kids meal.  In fact, Moxie even had a glass, which says something.  It is not in everyone’s taste, yet I think it scores well technically and I really enjoyed it for the price.  As an aside, I served Moxie hers in a Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc glass while mine was poured into the Chardonnay version.  Whilst you may be laughing at the sublety, there is a difference.  Hers tasted more cat-peeish and had stronger green grass notes, while mine was more aromatic and fuller in the mouth.  I had to really work hard at differentiating, but the proof is in the glass.  Make sure you use the right one, and always go for a quality brand, versus some fancy crystal one with useless carvings and engravings.  You can read about my unofficial taste test here.  Meantime, 4 stars and 88 points.  Great for a summer’s eve.



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