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Spanish wine is alluring, tasty and good for you (at least they tell me it’s good for you).  The Spaniards do Tempranillo, and they do it well.  Considered the noble grape of the region and the main varietal in Rioja, it is full bodied, big boy stuff that can be made to last for a long, long time.  Many wine types are just bleh, but Tempranillo grabs me for its interesting and unique taste.  In Portugal it is called Tinto Roriz and is blended to make Port (ever heard of it?).

Not a reserve wine, it retails for about $10, and is worth every penny.  Fruity, enjoyable and rather fresh, it would serve well on a week day with basic meat and potato dinners.  You could try cellaring a bottle or two and watch it mature.  On my everyday scale- a 4 star effort worthy of 85 professional points (If I were a pro, which I’m not)