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Here’s an interesting one for you….  In the south of France, vignerons compete to be included in the blend for that year’s offering of Les Douze (translated into the twelve).  These 12 wines are blended from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache, all Rhone varietals.  Every year the wine changes as the entries are evaluated and blended, producing an eclectic mix from year to year.  I had high hopes for this wine, and was not disappointed, even though I drank it way too young.  The dryness was a little overpowering, but promises to keep the wine healthy as it ages and develops.  A very interesting concept of putting the best wines forward and compiling a unique wine every year.  The co-op claims a full bodied effort that offers spice, can’t disagree there.  Forward thinkers like these guys are on the front running of giving the boys up north a lesson in quality versus price.  When the hype of Bordeaux dies down, they will be left holding the bag while these kinds of wine makers will have stolen the hearts and wallets of the sensible everyday wine drinker.  Well done you lot!  5 stars and an enviable 90 pointer from the novice over here.