I just realized that I had better get some wines on here pronto or risk losing the mental tasting notes.  There are wines of yore that I can never forget, true icons in my opinion, and then there are the every day quaffers.  These are the ones that slip the bounds of long term memory.  So, I am on a roll here and want to talk about a really good, serviceable everyday wine from Chile.  Made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, this was labelled a Reserve wine.  The tannins in Cab Sav are usually quite present, but when blended with Carmenere, a smoothing action happens.  Carmenere is a very fruity wine, and delightful on it’s own.  What it adds to the blend is quite remarkable here.  Grown mainly in Chile, it originated in France and was one of the six Noble grapes used in Bordeaux blending.  In it’s pure form, the wine is meant to be drunk young as it lacks the tannins of it’s big brother, Cab Sav.  Once again, a very high QPR offering here, and warranting 4 stars, perhaps 88 points if I were getting paid to rate wines (which I am not, yet).  Will drink this one again soon, GOOD VALUE