Not my pick, but will drink this one again.  The name implies the equivalent of reserve status, not so sure about that, but tasty.  I’ve had some damn good Shiraz in my time, and then I have had some real crap; this one fits right in the middle.  Quaffable, easy going, fruity and not too dry.  Australians like Shiraz, they like making it, they like drinking it and they like bragging about it (ala Grange and Henschke).  This one fits right in to a “Barbie”, something cheap and cheerful that will get you by and not break the back.  Not complex, yet compeling, with some stuffing to last another 3 years.  IMHO a 3.5 star effort with a potential of 85 points, in case you wonder.  Not bad for the dough tho.