In case you didn’t read my previous post, I found some of my old treasures being used as props in Moxie’s store.  The occasion was the Annual Holiday Open House.  This bottle sits well with me, remembering it as some awfully good 2000 Bordeaux.  The Bahans is the second label of famed First Growth Chateau Haut Brion.  Let’s put this into perspective for the uninitiated-  This is one level below the top notch stuff, wines that didn’t quite make the cut to be considered the finest.  Rated an average of 89 points, we drank it several years ago, perhaps a little soon, but I remember it to be sublime.   Wine this good has to be tried, the pieces fit together and the wine is super smooth, flavorful and worthy of 5 stars.  The pro’s recommended a drinking period of 2003-2013.  I think I hit it in the middle, when the fruit was evident yet the secondary flavors were starting to emerge.  Soft tannins were evident but not powerful.  Speaking of powerful, nothing says it more so than producing a Magnum, except a Double-Magnum.  I am a keen collector of large format bottles and love to pull them out at parties.  This one was in honor of the hard working gals (and hubby’s) who man Moxie’s store and keep the clients happy.  We do an annual “Fundoo” party at Christmas time and the good stuff just flows out…..  Stay tuned for more vintage finds!

Double Magnum, 3 Litres