Labelled a Bordeaux Superier and hailing from the incredible 2009 vintage, high hopes were dashed with this one.  Bland, non-fruity and boring.  Mild tannins won’t last long, neither will any traces of fruit.  Superieur is supposed to mean something, and who could screw up in ’09 from what everyone said was the ‘vintage of the [whatever]’.  I’m not buying into that.  It is proof that many French vintners are living delusional lives.  You either make good wine or you pack up, sell the farm and move on.  The sad truth is evident, in an awesome growing year, all you have to do is let the grapes mature, press them and don’t mess too much, nature has done it all for you.  These fellas didn’t get the message.  Am I being harsh?  Perhaps, but there are many wineries making sub-par wines and relying on appellation, name and vintage to get sales.  Resting on these laurels will not last long.  I will be looking for better values in the New World.  1 star and not worthy of a rating if I were a pro.