My first foray into Amarone.  If you don’t know what that is, you should read this Wiki about the process of drying the grapes on racks and then fermenting the concentrated fruit to produce a rich, low-acid wine that normally measures in at 15% alcohol.  I got excited when I opened this bottle, but quickly came back to earth.  It lacked a nose, there was no richness and the alcohol bothered me.  I have had Ripassa wines, made when the partially aged Valpolicella is contacted with the lees of the Amarone, now that’s some good stuff.  I guess I was expecting the same type of full-bodied wine. Perhpas a few years in the dungeon will allow this thing to mature and get back on track.  For now, a mere 2 stars and perhaps an 88 rating….who knows, I might have had a bad bottle.