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Another Moxie find, this one brings back some memories.  I first came across it’s sibling, Chateau Treytins at my local wine shop, buying up their ’95 and ’96 stock for about $16 per bottle.  This was an amazing find and one of my all time QPR (Quality Price Ratio) home runs.  The wine was beautiful, mature, full of fruit, great nose and the structure to withstand further aging.  When I tried to look for more, they were out, but the clerk recommended the Garraud as an even better alternative.  Same family, different grapes and composition.  Not as good.  Heavy on the Merlot, whilst the Treytins has more Cab Franc (you know how much I like the Franc).  I felt it was lacking something, just couldn’t pinpoint it.  I have had several vintages of this wine and can honestly say that it is a good effort, but my preference is for the cheaper one (Treytins).  However, the family make yet another wine, their top cuvee- L’Ancien.  Made predominantly with Merlot, from the Lalande-de-Pomerol appellation, it is a true beaut.  I met the winemaker at our local, where he talked about the wine and signed my 2000 vintage.  It was really good.  I never took a picture of it, yet remember it as profound.  So there you have it, 3 good wines, relative inexpensive for Bordeaux and each with it’s own make up and character.  The Garaud ’00 for your info should get 3 stars and the pros gave it an average of 85 points.  Not bad.