From St. Emilion, this property has a strong pedigree albeit from a lackluster vintage.  90% Merlot and the balance Cabernet Franc, this wine is smooth, balanced and ‘classic’ in style.  It is not a powerful wine, but rather an elegant offering.  The nose offers nice fruit, the initial attack is somewhat subdued.  The mid-palate is balanced and delicious.  The tannins are poking around, not obtrusive, yet holding it together quite nicely.  The pro’s were all over the shop with this one- 92 from the boys at WS but a measly 15/20 from across the pond.  At ten years of age, it is at a typical Bordeaux drinking window and I doubt it will get better.  Another 3 years and it is over for this one.  I would give it 3 stars. PS. if you remember my previous post about losing a bet- I won one back, and this was the payoff.

chateau magdelaine