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A Cru Bourgeois ‘Superier’ from the much hyped 2005 vintage, I found this wine to be serviceable.  Most higher end wines from the Bordeaux region start to become drinkable with 8-10 years of age.  The lower tiered wines, known as cru bourgeois, tend to develop quicker and start their drinking window at about 4-5 years of age (IMHO).   I was looking forward to some typicity of region, which coupled with an exceptional year had me hoping for fireworks worthy of my $27.  I was slightly let down, but still managed to enjoy it. Very smooth right off the bat, the wine has a nose and initial attack of blue fruit, but is rather one dimensional.  I am not sure when and if any secondary characteristics will ever develop.  The tannins are well integrated and the mouthfeel is appropriate for this medium weight wine.  A decent finish and balanced acidity were noted.  I have to be honest here, this is an 88-89 point wine but is only worthy of 2 stars in my opinion.  You have to deliver the goods, and for the money- this was a waste.  I would drink it again, anytime, as long as someone else was paying.