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Look at the label carefully people.

We’ve all had Freixenet sparkling wine, the Brut in the black bottle.  Did you know they also make a red wine?  Neither did I.  Look closer at the picture, it’s a Spanish wine with a German label that I bought in Asia.  Made from Tempranillo grapes and very reasonably priced, this is what we call “cheap-and-nasty”.  If you are looking for a very basic red wine that you can swill at a party, this one may fit the bill.  However, I have a rule- life is too short to drink shitty wine.  So, think about what you want to accomplish if you buy this wine.  It tastes like wine, smells like wine, looks like wine and will get you drunk like wine.  It offers nothing in the complexity department, no tannins to see it through the rest of the month, and no finish whatsoever.  Having thrashed it, I will now sing its praises.  It’s not out of balance, sour, weird or bad tasting.  I will however give it 3 stars, simply because it gets the job done on such a low budget price.  Besides, when your having a massive party and everyone is hammered, who cares?  80 Points….