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The last of my Pinot flight… Here goes.
Wow, cherry heaven on the nose. Big time, in your schnozzola with the bing cherries-loving it. I might be a little premature here, 5 stars. This thing rocks. Red raspberry meets cherry on the palate, with just a hint of tannins- yum. Extremely well balanced with an ever so slight tint of alcohol peeking out tells me this wine is ready for the long haul. 10 years minimum, with some secondary flavors possible, I hope anyway. I would love to revisit this one in 5 years and then later…
Thirty seconds…. 30 and counting on the finish, amazing. This, people, is a New World David- capable of slaying any Old World Goliath. A very large wine with great potential and a 93 pointer IMHO. Well done you guys….