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My flight is delayed, awe shucks…. What a great excuse to visit Vino Volo, Washington Dulles’s wine bar in the departures area. Here I go with the West Coast Pinots.

I get cranberry and strawberry on the nose, lots of it, but in a nice way. On the initial palate- very interesting mix of cherry and strawberry with a firm set of tannins in the background. If you remember my previous post about my Pinot/tannin issues, you will recall that I have a hard time discerning them in this varietal. When I do, they are definitely there. So, having said that, this wine will age for several years, hopefully the heat of the alcohol will buzz off and allow us to enjoy this rather well made wine for at least ten years. A medium length finish is a bonus, helping to give this one 4 stars and potentially a 90 point rating. Me likey……..