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Before I taste this wine, I must say I love the label. It is the third wine in my Cali Kings flight. I already know it’s a “14.9%” wine. We all know what that means…

Somewhat muted on the nose- because it’s holding out for your palate. Whoosh, here it comes: jammy berry, Zin pepper, spice and a mouth puckering brace of tannins- all at once. Nice party trick folks, fool me with the fake to the nose and then a full wallop to the mouth. Good job hiding the alcohol though. Generally a really nice old vine Zinfandel that has more structure than most. I am dying to know how this is going to evolve as I foresee a long life ahead- perhaps 12 years??
I’m starting to make out some cherry, and a floral finish. Perhaps a trait of the vine age? I’m not sure how available this wine is, but I really encourage you to look for it. Its not typical Zin, but has certain good qualities of Zin that I like. I reckon 5 stars, and 90 points. A well made Zin.