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Extremely aromatic with scents of flowers and rose water, this white wine is very tasty, with a full-on mouthfeel. Lacking in razor sharp acidity, it comes across as a drinking wine, although I reckon it would go very well with Turkey. In the mid-palate I am getting some citrus mixed with a dryness that I can only think (tannins). It is leaving a nice feeling in my mouth and a long after taste that is most enjoyable. This style of wine reminds me of Gewurtztraminer: highly aromatic, very tasty, low in acidity and not everyone’s cup-o-tea. I love it and will stick a few in the fridge. A great party wine, good for casual BBQ and in my opinion- a well made wine deserving 4 stars. My guess is it’s a 90 point wine. I have loved Trivento’s red wines, the whites are on the same path. Salut