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Barbaresco is to Italian wine what Beaujolais is to French wine: the thinner, easier red-headed step child that is always there, no matter what. Made from Nebbiolo just like Barolo, it hardly stands up to its big brother.
Once you get to grips with these facts, it’s time to enjoy the wine for what it is.
In this particular bottle, a very light red complexion gives a little strawberry on the nose. Caressing the palate with very smooth tannins comes a dose of currants meets red fruits and earth. There is a certain minerality here that is easy to pick up on due to the delicate nature of this wine. It is balanced, easy to drink and paired very well with baked Haddock and Risotto. Fish??? Yup, I paired red wine with fish, and it worked. Haddock is a very flaky white fish, low in oils and not reeking of fish. This wine is very light, almost Rose’ like, giving freshness and bouquet that marries well with the fish.
87 points and 3 stars. I’m thinking a Chicken Caesar Salad will bang with this wine…..try it and see.