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Not sure about this one…. I had to do some research to get a better feel.
Initial impression was a simultaneous sighting of the 14% alcohol on the label and a “woohoo, this has got some kick.” I don’t like that in a wine. If a high alcohol content sneaks by, fair game. When it’s in my face, shame on the winemaker.
So, black currants and alcohol mix it up with some young tannins. The Mencia grape is either from newly planted stock giving a thin light wine, or in this case, old vines that produce darker more complex wines with aging potential. These gnarly 80 year old vines produced a dark purple offering that is just not my style. I love complexity, tannins and older wines but this one is disjointed. I have to disagree with the pro’s and give it 86 points. For the price, it comes down to 2 stars. I’m sure you may find it interesting and worthy, but not for md at this price.