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The local wine shop here is running a special on the Rawson’s Retreat series, so I picked up two of the offerings to try.  Not impressed.  Very basic in architecture, with straightforward red fruits on the nose and palate.  Little tannin and no complexity.  However, it does drink smoothly and will get big kudos from most people because it is built to satisfy the elementary drinker.  I wouldn’t call it a bad wine, plonk is more appropriate.  Serve with the most basic of dishes or alone.  The blend did mellow out the Cabernet Sauvignon somewhat, and I was surprised that the Shiraz was not the typical jam from downunda. I have to say I would probably buy it again if the promotion pricing is in effect, but at $13- a pass.  3 stars since it was $24 for three bottles, but only 84 points.