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By far one of my favorite wines, Musar is elegant, soft, seductive and powerful all at the same time.  I visited the winery several years ago and came away with 4 Magnums from 2 vintages that I am saving for the right occasion.  This particular wine was served at a birthday dinner at the famous Peak Lookout Cafe on Hong Kong island, perched on top of the world.  I don’t see Musar on many wine lists so I grab it when I can.  I remember buying it in the Dubai Duty Free on arrival for $16 per bottle and drinking it with pizza.  Nowadays it must run closer to $50.

The wine is mainly Cinsault, with Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon supporting.  Pinkish red in the glass with some bricking on the edges leaves you wondering if the wine is too old.  Alas, it is always this way and this wine is young and vibrant.  A delicate nose evolves and cinnamon, earth and red fruits come wafting out.  The first taste reminded me of all those bottles I have had in the years gone by.  No two bottles, let alone vintages are exactly the same with this winery, yet they all have that unique Musar taste.  One of my mates hated it, the others loved it.  It’s just that way.

The red fruits and spices really melded well with the funk and earth of the wine and the silkiness was amazing.  The wine was well balanced between acidity, underlying tannins and fruit.  As you can tell I am passionate about this wine and look forward to every bottle with anticipation.  95 points for me and 5 stars for this beauty.  We drank it with Lamb Chops and mint sauce, a perfect combination.  Salut….