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Moxie bought this bottle to make some white Sangria, plans changed so the bottle was left untouched.  This past weekend I returned home from Asia for two weeks of staycation and a much needed break from flying.  This bottle was opened on Saturday evening for some friends, Moxie and I finished it the next night.  It’s a blend of several white grapes, reminding me of the Conundrum White, but in a different league.  I’m guessing Viognier, perhaps some Gewurtztraminer with a backbone of Sauvignon Blanc.  There is no info on the label or the web, so I am relying on my palate.  I did not take notes on this bottle, simply enjoying it for what it is.  Refreshing, charming, inexpensive and unique.  Perfect for an afternoon aperitif, perhaps even with some light fare.  This one will please many and for the $8 price it get 3 stars for a modest 84 points.  Salut….

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