I opened this Havens Bourriquot after cellaring it for a year and felt compelled to write something.  I have seen wines evolve, but never quite like this.  My notes last year pointed out several factors that I find interesting.  I mentioned oak, long tannins on the finish but most importantly the wine was chameleon-like in it’s flavors.  After evolving, this wine has changed dramatically.  Here are my notes:

Black cherry nose
Huge amounts of coconut on the initial
Black fruits. Currants and some smooth oak
91 points
Well integrated tannins that peak out on the finish

The thing that really intrigued me was the coconut aspect.  I have never had a wine that made me scratch my head and query the fact that I was tasting coconut.  This wine was full on, in your face with the nut.  I got oak as mentioned in both tastings and the tannic structure was very similar.  This is one killer wine, I just love it.  Patience has paid off with this wine as I greatly enjoyed it in its youth and am continuing to enjoy it in it’s evolution.  I must check to see how many I have left.  Salut….

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