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I was not sure of the blend when I decided to pair this Napa red with some serious Ribeye steaks.  I thought I was getting a tannic Cab Sav, which is what I wanted.  Instead, I ended up with a multi dimensional blend, mainly Cabernet Franc with Merlot balancing it out.  Absolutely delicious is what it was.  You may recall that I have a soft spot for the Franc, but this is a seriously complex wine that offered up Plums and Blueberry on the nose.  The first wave was Pomegranate, red berries and a touch of oak.  Later, I was getting dark berry and currants with some back end tannins that were sublime.  The structure of this wine is fantastic, balanced and built for medium term cellaring.  The tannins are all concentrated on the finish, making this an easy drinker.  The long ending is a dry mouth-puckering event that lasted for ever.  I think I would pair this again with any grilled meat, perhaps even roast chicken.  The fruit is so evident and layered that the wine is Chameleon-like and can adapt to many dishes.  I bet this wine would rock a Moroccan Tagine dish of Lamb and stewed fruits with couscous.  Priced at $50, it is rather a ‘treat’ wine, but I would be guessing a 92 point rating is appropriate.  I am giving it 4 stars because it is so interesting, complex and offers gratification from today until 2020 at the very least.  Salut….