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I do love me some dessert wines…  I couldn’t resist this one, it got high marks and the price was right.

It started with an interesting nose of cork (not in a bad way), apricot jam and tangerine peel.

An initial taste of orange marmalade, honey and almond seeds. Golden color was intriguing. Orange peel and candied almonds hit on the middle palate and the finish gives way to the same marmalade notes I sensed on the front end. A definite botrytis tinge throughout. Best described as orange treacle. I’m going 90 points on this wine versus the pros. It’s decent, but not my favorite sticky.  Pro ratings up to 93 points and costing $37, I was somewhat caught off-guard.  This is a 3 star wine in my opinion and needs to be drunk before 2022.  Salut….

guiraud sauternes