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alain roy givryBurgundian Pinot Noir is a minefield for me.  So many different villages, so many producers, so many vintage variations and so little time to taste them all.  I’m happy to get busy though!

This one started out a pale purple in the glass with a crimson cherry nose with green notes, very fruit forward for a Burgundy.  The thing that makes this region so alluring is the terroir and what it brings out of the finicky Pinot grape.  I always think of earth, barnyard, funk and restrained fruit.  This one is different with initial tastes of strawberry, tart rhubarb and violet. Streaking acidity with gentle tannins balance each other well. A decent, if short finish of floral notes and some cherry with acidity swirling around the gums along with the tannins. I think this one needs some cellar time. 2017-2022. 88 points for this tasty yet atypical Burgundy. 3 stars for this $24 effort.  Salut….

ED Note.  I found this article in drafts from May of 2015 and just now published it.