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I have a story about Georgian wine, I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say it involved AK47’s, Playboy magazines, a gallon of Georgian wine, some local fruit and of course- a 4-engined jet. Those of you who know me will have to bring a bottle of really good stuff over, I will regale you with the juicy bits.

So- when I saw this white blend of 80% Rkatsiteli and 20% Mtsvane I had to give it a try, it was only $14. It is pale lemon colored and has a very unique nose of tropical fruits, like passion fruit and pineapple. Lemon zest and green apple complement the primary flavors. The palate is off-dry with medium acidity and low alcohol. Flavors of the tropics are very present- pineapple, passion fruit and kiwi. The citrus and apple notes fading whilst some floral tones appear. It’s a very interesting profile. The acidity is not cutting yet the wine is not flabby- just right in balance with great mouthfeel. It’s got an ever so slight hint of green almond on the back end that gives it a touch of bitterness but overall, a very tasty drop. I’m grilling chicken breast with wild rice, thinking the pairing will work very well. I’m excited about this new find and will look forward to the next two bottles of Georgian wine I have on the ‘bench’, a red and white. Until then, expand your own palates and explore the world’s regions. 88 points and 4 stars. Salut….