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As part of my wine education I have purchased all the major types of Sherry to try.  It started out with an Amontillado, then I tried Fino and Oloroso.  Now it’s time for a Manzanilla.  This is a dry, fortified white wine that is aged under Flor and is served chilled.

This particular bottling is very pale lemon in the glass and has a nose of green almonds, yeast, baked bread, sea spray and citrus rind.  The palate is quite dry and bitter.  The Flor gives these wines a definitive bread component, yeast and all.  The characteristic flavors of lemon in whites is somewhat muted by the saline and baking notes.  I’m starting to get my head around what a dry sherry is supposed to taste like- certainly not like a sweet Cream Sherry.  It has a nuttiness and it begs for food.  Tapas, cold appetizers and certainly olives are fit for the role.  I can’t even score something I am completely unfamiliar with but I’m enjoying the experience of expanding my palate and slowly getting accustomed to this unique flavor profile.  $17 gets you an intro to a unique taste that the pro’s gave 90 points.  Salut….