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On a recent trip to Canada I purchased this Icewine.  It is made from the Vidal grape which is a hybrid varietal made by crossing Ugni Blanc with Rayon D’Or.  The berries are allowed to fully ripen and once the temperature gets really cold (-10C) the fruit is harvested and pressed immediately.  The grapes tend to be sweet as a result of over-ripening and when they are pressed, the frozen water inside the grape remains whilst the sugar is run off resulting in a very sweet nectar that is fermented into a low alcohol (9% or so) wine.  This winery is well known and their wine is delicious- dark gold and almost syrupy in the glass.  Aromas and flavors of apricot, honeysuckle, apricot and banana.  The wine tastes very sweet with low alcohol.  It is full bodied, unctuous, waxy and paired well with desserts of carrot cake and Key Lime pie.  I was a bit rushed in tasting but the next bottle will get the full treatment.  I paid $50 for this 94 point bottle that gets 5 stars.  If you like sweet wines, this is a must-try.  It is unlike a Sauternes as it does not have the Botrytis nuances- instead it is more fruit focused and leans heavily on the sugar content to deliver a delicious treat!  Salut….