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Yesterday was Moxie’s birthday.  Two of our sons snuck in for the celebration- one from Montreal, the other from D.C.  In planning for #3 to return to Canada he needed a COVID test, so I booked one at 5:30 and then a table for the six of us shortly thereafter.  One glimpse at the menu told me I needed a crisp white to go with the grilled Trout mains I was about to order.  This one did not disappoint, albeit the first impression was a bit shocking.

It pours a medium lemon color with barely a shimmer in the glass due to the low 12% ABV.  The nose has interesting aromas of lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, ginger and orange blossom.  The palate is where I nearly regretted my choice- the wine is a touch sweet, as in off-dry.  I was hoping for a crisp, dry white.  Alas, I was not disappointed.  The citrus flavors were ever present, as was a spritz of lemon that I found interesting.  The (candied) ginger is probably what I sensed as a sweet component, though with such low alcohol, there could well be residual sugar present.  I found the wine to be quite refreshing thanks to the spritz and medium body.  The flavors are present but not cloying, the acidity is medium (+) and not cutting.  The finish might be short, but it is mouth puckering and makes me long for another taste.  This is a great white wine varietal to explore with fish, chicken, shellfish and vegetarian dishes laced with savory spices.  I like this $16 bottle that gets 89 points and 4 stars from me.  Drink soon.  Salut….