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I went looking for Port and this bottle popped onto my radar.  A sweet red Greek wine that has a pale garnet hue.  The nose is interesting, unlike any other wine I have smelled.  Baking spices with stewed black cherry and baked plum.  There’s also a cola component that is throwing me off!  The palate is obviously not dry- I would say off-dry but not cloying.  The first thing I notice is the heat (15%ABV).  Next up I get medium (-) acidity and low tannins.  Flavorwise- loads of stewed/baked/cooked dark fruit with spice and cherry cola.  A medium to full body on this delight leads me to a medium length finish that also shows off the alcohol.  I like the flavor profile, the mouthfeel and the structure.  I just think the alcohol is presenting itself too much.  This wine reminds me of a lightweight Tawny Port.  I might use some to bolster a stock I am making for Sunday roast, burning off the alcohol to reveal the fruit and spice better.  I might also pour some with my cheese course.  This is my first try of this style so I will not grade it- but you should try for yourself.  At $15, it’s an easy buy.  Salut….