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This is my first go at Madeira, which I bought after looking for some Port to add to my Beef Short-rib stock.  This bottling is pale to medium amber colored, it reminds me of the stone Tigers Eye.  As to be expected from a fortified wine (19%ABV), the legs are very slow moving and thick.  The nose has intense aromas of nuts, caramel, sea air and a touch of yeast.  The palate is dry tasting but very rich with nuts, treacle, stewed black fruit, brine and prune syrup.  It is mouth coating with medium tannins and medium (-) acidity.  The alcohol hits on the back end where it is tingling the sides of my tongue.  Finish-wise this wine has a long ending (30+ seconds).  Seeing as it’s my first go I can’t really pass judgement, but if you like Oloroso Sherry crossed with Tawny Port, this might be up your alley.  For $18 it’s not going to break the bank trying something new as a dessert wine or for enriching a beef stock.  I like it!  Salut….