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Pale lemon/lime colored with very slight petulance and a watery sheen (13% ABV).  The nose starts off with a spritzy lime zest, I can almost smell the effervescence.  White pepper, white peach, an amazing floral note of tropical flowers and orange blossom plus some vanilla thread at the very end.  The palate is dry with high acidity and a medium body.  This is a crisp wine with cut and a burst of verve from the pettilance.  I still get white stone fruit and some citrus but the florals are missing.  I can feel rather that taste the white pepper which is an interesting opening.  The finish features the effervescence as it tingles the underside of my tongue.  It goes on for a while and is intriguing.  I picked this wine to pair with grilled Peri Peri Prawns- I think the spice of the dish will balance out the sharp acidity.  Lovely stuff- this is $16 per bottle and gets 89 points from me making it a 5 star effort to drink in the near term.  Salut….