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I’ll cut to the chase- I needed some serviceable (read cheap) Pinot Grigio for a wine experiment so I ended up with two 3 Liter boxes in my garage fridge.  It’s nearly summer y’all and I am cooking Shrimp Scampi so here we go!  Pale platinum colored with a watery sheen (12% ABV).  The nose has medium intensity aromas of pear, yellow apple and white blossom.  Pretty straightforward so far.  The palate is dry with medium (+) acidity and a medium (-) body.  The aromas I got are duplicated on the palate but with a twist.  The fruit is showing a touch of bruising with some phenolic bitterness.  The apple and pear notes dissipate quickly on the finish leaving me with a sense of higher than 12% alcohol, it seems to be a touch hot and out of balance.  I paid $14, the equivalent of $3.50 pear bottle, what was I expecting?  It’s a hot-summers day wine that needs to be chilled to mask the imbalances and crisp up the flavors and aromas.  82 points from me and 1 star.  Drink immediately.  Salut….