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I once bought 6 bottles of this Napa Cabernet and was so blown away, I couldn’t wait to get more.  Alas, they were all out.  So, I moved on with my life and ended up buying several different vintages, pining for just one more bottle of this nectar.  Well, as luck would have it, I came across a deal and snapped up two cases.  Being the generous kinda guy I am,  one went to my neighbor, one to a friend, and we opened a few this past week.  Showing a slight ‘bricking’ in the glass tells me this wine is nearing it’s “sell-by” date.  The nose is amazing; tobacco, dark fruit and cassis.  Tasted blind, you would swear it was a Bordeaux.  With over 16 years on it, she’s still holding on, barely.  The secondary flavors are in full force, the tannins, receding.  The balance I remembered from previous bottles was slightly amiss.  Not sure what was happening there.  Instant gratification is all I can say when I open one of these.  A remarkable wine that I will say was one of the first Napa Cabs that really did it for me.  Must run, the other bottles are waiting for a decant- which I did not do for the first bottle.  Almost forgot- 5 Stars!  Perhaps a 93 pointer if you are into that kinda thing.

burgess cellars 1996

gritty wine

The need to decant