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The “Red Label” blend of of Shiraz and Grenache has no vintage, a 13.5% alcohol content, and nothing to differentiate it from the masses of ordinary Aussie plonk. On the nose, not much. On the palate, not much. Wait a minute, there is something…. Jammy Shirazy funk. I am really not sure why they bother, except there is a huge market down under for cheap Barbie wine. I’ve had their other lines, the yellow and black labels. This does not merit buying unless you are half-pissed already.
I was hoping for a little bit of interest here, considering the addition of Grenache, but alas, it is no Rhone Ranger. It is smooth though, with no tannins to get in your way, no complexity to make you pause, and an aftertaste that nags at you. Harsh? Perhaps, but life is far too short for cheap and nasty. Spend a little, live a little, and avoid this mass-produced garbage that gives Australian Shiraz a bad name. 1 star, and if I were a pro- 80 points, just because the label looks nice.