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A complete mix of grape varietals, this is a big hitter from the Rhone. A stewed fruit nose gives way to the most amazing floral hit on the palate. Oh, a 45 second finish to boot. The complexity of this wine is amazing, yet the fruit is somewhat subdued. I’m stumped, so much so that they are checking the bottle.

I’m waiting, patiently….. I so want this wine to rock my world, and so far- flowers.

Apparently the bottle is fine, just a little closed on the nose- Vinturi to the rescue and bingo…. Fig and earth come to mind, with black currants and rose mixing it up with the gentle tannins. I’m not sure how much collaring potential this wine has, but I think it’s a little young and could use another three years in the bunker before you pop a bottle.
The hard part—— 92 points and …… 4 Stars. I just can’t see 5 on this one for some reason. A very well made wine, but just doesn’t have what I need to push it over the hump.