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Always a charmer, this Burgundian Chardonnay has been a regular in my fridge for many years.  Moxie, the wife, is not a big drinker.  If and when, it is always white, usually Chardonnay and Burgundy being preferred.  So, when we hosted a party for dad’s birthday, I made sure there was some of this stuff on hand.  It’s an easy drinker that offers charm and charisma without breaking the bank.  Lemon and apple come across the nose, with some classic Chardonnay wet stone and citrus on the palate.  Excellent balance with the acidity and use of oak lead to a nice mouthfeel.  I could slurp this stuff on the patio, or pair it nicely with some fresh fish. A very reliable wine that is neither bland nor overdone.  Bang for the buck- a 4 star effort worthy of 88 points.