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OMG……  This is perhaps one of the best Pinot Noir’s I have ever tasted.  Period, end of story, earth-shatteringly good.  My best friend brought this bottle last night so I popped and poured what we both agreed was the SMOOTHEST Pinot tasted.  When I say smooth, everything was hitting just right.  Starting with the amazing cherry nose that transitioned to a cherry medley on the palate that continued on to a deliciously lingering finish.  All the while, nothing was out of the place: the tannins were fine-grained, the acidity- perfect, the alcohol (a whopping 14.7%) was never an issue.  I am a big time Old World Pinot fan, the New stuff is not normally my cuppa, but this stuff will convert the most die-hard Burgundy fans.  I am speechless as well.  The pro’s gave this one a 92 (I peeked), I am thinking 95 points is more like it.  Yes, it can be argued that when a wine gets extracted so much and the alcohol is a searing 14.7+, something is not right.  Well, I am here to tell you that they got this one absolutely spot on.  The balance attained is amazing.  5 stars from me.