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NV means no vintage. Not a bad thing for certain wines, like champagnes that are blended from several vintages- but in red wine…….Makes me wonder. Then again, it is on an airplane, United Airlines to be precise, where I got to sample this little gem. Perhaps I’m being a little harsh, I have reason. Airlines generally serve crap, at high prices, it’s part of the deal. United in particular has tried to cut every cost. They must, or risk disappearing.
With that off my chest, this wine is not bad. Cherry candy on the nose brings some really tasty/chewy red currants on the decently balanced mid plate, fruitiness that has a good acidic component and even some puckering tannins.
Come to think of it, this I better than the crappy Smoking Loon they serve in First Class on United. I may have to decline the courtesy upgrade they gave me for next week.
Timing the aftertaste, a good 20 seconds or more. I have no idea how much this one costs, but I bet it’s bargain basement, and for that: 4 stars. Well worth it for a big party on a summers day, throwing down some BBQ. The Shiraz is not jammy, like too many Aussie reds, and the Cabernet gives it the structure it needs to pull the whole thing off. Kudos. I am taking a stab here and guessing it is worthy of 88 points. You should keep a few laying around in case the boys show up unexpectedly.