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By the time we got to this wine, it was late and our ‘palates’ were suffering ‘fatigue’.  Let me re-phrase… we were plain old drunk by this point, or we would have realized that we had brought the best bottle out last.  The number one rule of wine drinking (versus tasting) is to start with the best and finish with the rotgut because everyone is usually hammered and can’t taste much.

Oh well, I do remember that this was a really good bottle, yet again from the much heralded 2009 Bordeaux vintage.  Beautiful purple color in the glass and a very defined blueberry note on the nose translated into a gorgeous palate of oak, cassis and plums.  A certain earthiness lent itself well to this wine and should be interesting to watch it evolve.  I wish I had been in a better position to really taste this wine, because I reckon it would have more depth than I was able to record.  For the price, a 4 star wine that I estimate deserves 90 points.  Definitely stick some in the cellar and start drinking in 2-3 years.  Delicious.