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I bought two magnums of this St. Emilion several years ago to test a theory on storing magnums versus regular sized bottles.  I just needed to prove to myself that a magnum ages slower.  Damn straight.  This bottle is still young and exhibits plenty of youth with its rather obtrusive tannins.  Not overly complex or heralded, it is nonetheless a Bordeaux.  Bright cherries on the nose translated into cranberry and leather on the palate.  A decent finish and balance were evident as were the tannins.  I don’t think I paid very much for these magnums and am pleasantly surprised.  I will hold the other one for another 3-4 years and re-visit.  I might mention that I drank from this bottle over three nights, with the second night being the smoothest.  The third night showed too much oxidation and the first night it needed air.

I just did a quick price search, the ’09 can be had for $20.  Bang for the buck, 4 stars.  Quality-wise I reckon this wine would have to be 88 points.