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Well, it was and we celebrated a bit early because I was traveling.  Moxie indulged me with some Filet Mignons and I dutifully obliged with one of my last 1996 Lynch Bages.

I bought a case of this wine at a Parisian wine shop circa 1998 soon after its release.  I have been slipping a bottle out of the cellar every Christmas for a few years and decided to treat myself to one this week.  I can honestly say that this was one of the finest bottles of wine I have ever had.  There is little else a bottle of wine can do for me that this one didn’t.  Stored in the dark cave, it has matured and is starting to hit its peak at 16 years of age.  On the nose pure Paulliac cassis and blueberry.  On the first wave of palate covering richness there was blackberry, cassis and tobacco, followed by leather and cedarbox.  Not a hint of imbalance and absolutely gorgeous tannins caressed my mouth.  I forgot to time the finish, but it seemed to last forever.  The depth of concentration was so amazing that I just kept sipping, almost not wanting to spoil the tasting with food.  I could have sat there all night savoring every drop, but alas the steaks had to be grilled.  I pray that I still have more in the cellar and will vow to drink the next one in one year’s time.

A show stopping 95 pointer that I must give 5 stars to.  I just looked at pricing- currently running at about $150 per bottle, I think I paid $45 back in the day.  Stupendous wine that has truly rewarded my patience and cellaring.  I am grateful to the have been able to enjoy such magnificence.  Good night.