Served at a party last night, I was somewhat surprised that they still had any 2006 vintage left.  I have probably had this wine, years previously and well before I started to take notes.

A decent reddish hue in the glass showed off some strawberry notes in the nose.  On the palate, I got some strawberry and plumish notes, pretty un-Pinot like.  Perhaps the bottle was trying to further develop after 7 years, but in what direction?  The wine did not taste over-the-hill, yet I sensed it has seen its peak.  Still tasty, just in a different way. I did notice good balance and there was a slight tannic content still lurking.  This wine is not expensive, yet delivers good value and is generally a decent Pinot Noir.  I hesitate to rate it but think in its day it would have been a solid 3 star wine.