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An Argie Malbec for about $12, this wine was decent but lacked any umph.  I love the varietal, generally finding that the fruit is very tasty and usually quite extracted (I know, goes against my whole finesse thing).  Anyway, this wine offered up some decent blackberry and plums on the palate that seemed to fade rather fast.  I did notice some tannic bite, but nothing obtrusive.  I am used to this varietal showing off some ‘fruit bomb’ charachteristics and I love the Malbecs from Cahors (France) where they refer to them as The Black Wines.  This was just shy of my expectations and I felt a little shortchanged.  At a modest $11 you should at least give it a go, perhaps with some burgers and dogs.  I would also suggest a few bottles in the basement for unexpected guests, they would enjoy it for what it is.  3 stars for an even 84 points.