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Our trip to Bali took us via Hong Kong, and the final leg was a lunchtime flight in Business class for just over 4 hours.  I sampled all they had and started with this little gem.  If you have ever had Gamay grapes, they were probably in some cheap and nasty Beaujolais Nouveau.  Fleurie is an appellation within the Beaujoulais region which straddles the Rhone and Burgundy regions in France.  The grape itself is thin skinned and low in tannins.  Fleurie is considered a step up from traditional wines of the region and has some aging capacity.

This particular cuvee was textbook Gamay; light, pungent and floral on the nose with some strawberry and rose on the palate. Very delicate in the mouth, it is a very smooth and easy wine to drink.  No marked tannins and a good acidic structure made this well suited to the lighter fare I chose.  I would not pair it with red meat, but rather salmon, roast chicken or a cobb salad would do the trick.  I’m not sure how widely available this wine is nor do I know the price.  Technically speaking i would guess at 87 points and think it would be a 3 star wine if priced under $15.  Worthy of a try if you come across it.  Of note, this style of wine is one of my preferred summertime lunch wines when chilled slightly.