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I ordered this bottle on our recent Napa trip to pair up with Duck Confit.  Three words come to mind when I think of this Napa Cabernet Sauvignon…….  Atypical, amazing and obvious.

Atypical because this wine does not follow the Napa Cab profile.  It offers delicious Napa fruit, but in a Bordeaux style, with cassis, tobacco and a hefty plum flavor.  On the nose there is a huge amount of blue fruit.  Fine grained tannins and a balanced acidity make this easy to drink, very smooth.

Amazing, because value for money this one is a home run.  At $25 or less you are getting at least 91 points IMHO of excellence.  This wine paired up to the duck with no effort, it would easily handle a juicy New York strip and I would even serve roasted chicken with it.  Talk about versatile.

Obvious, well that stems from the fact that I was so impressed with this wine that I had to research it some more- the winemaking team behind Dominus make this as a second-second label.  Now that I know the pedigree and the lineage, it resembles it’s big brother Dominus, but in a softer, more approachable way.

5 Stars for its value and flavors, 91 points as mentioned on its technical merit.  I am on my way to the local store, hoping for a case or two….