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I hardly chirped up about the 2010 Bordenave when I first tried it.  Last night, I had a hankering for something sweet and this one just happened to be lying around.  Considering it is about $15 per bottle, I did not fear pulling the cork and being underwhelmed.  I was in for a surprise.  Seems like I have had a string of crappy wine lately and it is nice to re-visit a bad one and get some satisfaction out of it.

More unctuous in the mouth, it was somewhat sweeter with more depth of fruit.  Pineapple was evident but the botrytis gave off a lovely honeyed apricot.  Juicy acidity balanced the wine and kept the sweetness in check.  I enjoyed half the bottle while watching a movie and found myself licking my lips several times.  Sauternes is never cheap, this bottle is very ‘reasonable’ and I am glad I still have a few hiding out downstairs.  4 stars and 90 points from me this time.  Amazing what a little cellar time will do for a young wine.  Salut….