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I took a bottle of 2001 Calon Segur to my friend’s house for dinner last night.  After we had finished the Piper Heidsieck with the appetizers, we drank the decanted Bordeaux.  When that was done, he showed me his tiny refrigerated ‘cave’ where he stored some real gems going back to the ’50s.  He pulled the pristine ’96 Napa cab out and proceeded to open it.  I had no presumptions about this wine, but it shocked me.  For a 17 year old bottle of Cabernet, it was fresh and lively yet mature and brooding.  It had cassis, black fruit, leather, earth, plums and eucalyptus on the palate with ample tannins and vibrant acidity.  It rolled in at 13.5 % and was a delight.  Still dark purple in the glass, this wine has some years to go and can be found for roughly $75.  I have always been a lover of French Claret, eschewing Napa Valley as overpriced and under-delivering.  It’s wines like this that make me realize how narrow my focus used to be and I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my palate.  If you need a very special treat, this is sure-fire.  92 points and 5 stars, albeit quite pricey it’s worth the coin.  Salut….